A Beautiful Saturday To Learn Calligraphy With CforCalligraphy


Graduated from Communication Design in RMIT, Melbourne, I'm currently a junior designer in MauBelajarApa.com. I'm a creative thinker and always believe in strategy and concept.

Honestly, this was my first time attending a workshop event in Indonesia and I was not there as a a participant. I was there to sort of work and yes, I was a part of MauBelajarApa.com team.

It was really a sunny Saturday as you can see from the video. The participants came on time and everyone had a good time. Ms Chia from Cforcalligraphy delivered the lesson in a structural manner, therefore it was super helpful for the students! Anyway, just enjoy the beautiful video made by @faithography.studio (check out his instagram) and here’s some of the workshop’s photo…

CforCalligraphy-Workshop-01 CforCalligraphy-Workshop-02 CforCalligraphy-Workshop-03 CforCalligraphy-Workshop-04 CforCalligraphy-Workshop-05 CforCalligraphy-Workshop-06

Exciting right? We have more Calligraphy workshops coming up, stay tune at maubelajarapa.com!

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