An Insightful Event With Coworkinc -The Gentleman Guide To Ethics, Etiquette and Style


Jourdan Kamal (Born in Indonesia) is a Singapore graduate and internet entrepreneur. He is best known as the founder of, currently the largest workshops directory platform in Indonesia.

What makes or breaks one man’s image as a gentleman? The workshop’s title itself got me interested to sign up and so I attended the workshop last Thursday (10 March 2016) with my cousin, Nicolas, at Coworkinc Kemang. Both my cousin and I are two distinct individuals in terms of style and personality. He’s super clean cut and neat and his shirt will always be tucked in whereas I’m more comfortable with t-shirt and jogging pants. But does that mean my ethics or etiquette is worse? Well, we would find out more in the workshop.

The workshop started at around 7.30pm and after we had our dinner, which was provided, Dian Hasan (Co-Founder of Coworkinc) got us started by introducing ourselves. Some of the participants came from various work backgrounds such as business owner, hotelier, professional translator and even student.

Gentleman Workshop - Dian Hasan Introduction

The first speaker was Raka Pradsmadji, a banker from PT. Bank CIMB Niaga. I was impressed by his confidence despite his young age. He shared his 5 years of experience working as a banker and taught us the secret of how to approach clients confidently so that we can close deals eventually. We learned that simple gestures and etiquette matter to people and first impression is everything! One tip for you, “Never Dress More Than Your Superior”.

Gentleman Workshop - Raka Pradsmadji

Ronald Makasutji, from Brillington&Brothers, was our final speaker. Brillingtong&Brothers is an Indonesian tailor based in Jakarta and their master tailor has been crafting since 1974. This speaker was truly remarkable! It was mind blowing when he shared his knowledge about the history of men’s fashion in Indonesia.

Gentleman Workshop - Ronald Makasutji

He shared that all suit styles, however varied, can be reduced to three template fits that serve as their foundations. These three cuts have been named after the countries in which they originated: America, England, and Italy. He added that different body types and personality matches different style. So which style suits you best?


No doubt that all of us had gained so much insights from the sharing of these 2 experts. If there’s only one thing to take home from this workshop is, “Never stop learning about yourself (both inside and out) because who you are can determine your style and your style can also influence your mood. And both style and mood can determine how people interact with you.”

Gentleman Workshop - Participants

The workshop ended at 9.30pm but the best thing about this Netwarming event was that people tend stay behind to discuss. We went home at 12 midnight that day!

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