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Bio: Jourdan Kamal (Born in Indonesia) is a Singapore graduate and internet entrepreneur. He is best known as the founder of, currently the largest workshops directory platform in Indonesia.

Social Media Article

Tidak Semua Bisnis Cocok Di Pasarkan Melalui Social Media, Ini 9 Industri Yang Paling Efektif Jika Menggunakan Sosial Me...

Tidak diragukan lagi, teknik marketing sekarang ini telah bergeser dari konvensional ke digital.

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Big Circle Show 2017

Our Appearance In Big Circle Show 2017 (Metro TV) with Andy F Noya

I would like to take this chance to thank all those who have supported us during these 3 years, especially my team (who work so hard behind the scene: Daniel, Vini, Dwina, Ferdian

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My Artsy Neighborhood Project – 4 Workshops + Expert Sharing + Night Market

#MyArtsyNeighborhood is a special movement initiated by MauBelajarApa and a few other creative communities in Jakarta – Big Bear & Bird & Kokken.

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Transforming Our Nation, One Neighborhood At A Time, Through Art Movement (My Artsy Neighborhood)

We were working in a neighborhood cafe one day (weekday) in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) when Sarah and I witnessed how lifeless the Jakarta neighborhood was during the day.

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Goals VS Growth

You’ve Been Writing Your New Year Resolution Wrongly! If You Want To Be Successful This Coming Year, Try Focusing ...

“People focus on goals for New Year Resolution but great leaders focus on growth instead.

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Mastering Social Media Marketing Workshop With Founder of (Jourdan Kamal)

I had the privilege to teach a group of students (consist mainly of Business Men & Women, entrepreneurs, etc) on a Saturday morning, 9th October 2016.

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Mau Belajar Apa Hits 30,000 Followers on Instagram & This Marks Another Milestone In Our Journey

Thank You For Supporting! We are just amazed by your enthusiasm in learning new skills! Follow our Instagram @maubelajarapa to see what we have in store for you! 1,473 total

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Learn How To Make Your Own Cinnamon Rosemary Sangria By Hause Rooftop

Here’s What You Need To Make A Glass of Simple Sangria: 3 Strawberry 1/2 Orange 1/2 Lemon 1/2 Apple 1/3 Glass of Red wine 1/5 Glass Vodka 1/5 Glass Cointreau 1/2 Glass of Spr

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Hendri Take Yoga Rooftop

Morning Yoga at Hause Rooftop With Hendri Take (Supported By AIA Indonesia)

It was a perfect Saturday morning when 16 enthusiastic participants gather in the city center of Jakarta to learn Yoga from one of Indonesia’s popular Yogi, Hendri Take.

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#ILearnThat (Series 01): Sarah Amijo of Big Bear & Bird Shares Her Inspiring Journey As An Illustrator

In this special day of Hari Kartini, we are proud to launch our new video series – #ILearnThat, which is a series of short videos featuring inspiring people of Indonesia.

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(12 Laws of Karma) Bagaimana Belajar Hukum Ini Bisa Membantu Anda Menjadi Entrepreneur Yang Lebih Baik

Perjalanan saya sebagai pengusaha sudah hampir 10 tahun dan masih ada banyak hal yang perlu saya pelajari untuk menjadi pengusaha yang lebih baik.

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7 Hal Yang Bisa Anda Pelajari Dari Founder Facebook, Meskipun Anda Sudah Sukses!

Jika anda belum tahu siapa Mark Zuckerberg, dia adalah pendiri dari social media platform terbesar di dunia, Facebook.

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