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Bio: Graduated from Master of Fine Art in Illustration (specialized in Children's Book Illustration), Sarah is now the creator of Big Bear and Bird - famous for its adorable friendly creatures.

Big Bear & Bird Christmas Watercolor

Christmas Watercolor Tutorial With Big Bear Bird & – Hedgehog Dreaming of Christmas In London

“I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream!” – Creator of Big Bear and Bird.

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Learn To Create Your Own Teddy Bear Watercolor – Featuring Big Bear & Bird

Enjoy the beautiful and soothing process as the artist paints from her heart! 3,517 total views, 2 views today

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How To Paint A Simple Bird (Watercolor Showcase By Big Bear & Bird)

Just a quick simple painting… The idea came instantly when I was asked to showcase one of the watercolor techniques – Wet On Wet.

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When Big Bear and Bird Go For Summer Holiday With A Whale (Painting Adorable Creatures With Watercolor)

What happen when a bear and a bird meet a whale on a summer holiday? Come and see as the artist paint the final master piece from scratch.

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Learn To Create Adorable Bunny With Coffee By Big Bear & Bird

Here’s What You Need: 1. Coffee (Preferably Espresso) 2. Paper (300gsm) – A6 for Testing, A4 for Painting 3.

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