My Artsy Neighborhood Project – 4 Workshops + Expert Sharing + Night Market

#MyArtsyNeighborhood is a special movement initiated by MauBelajarApa and a few other creative communities in Jakarta – Big Bear & Bird & Kokken.

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Dikirain Cupcake, Ternyata Guru Ini Mengajar Sabun (Flower Cream Soap)

Ms Cecilia Affandi, Founder of Akiko, mempelajari ilmu natural cosmetik dan Herbalist di Canada pada thn 1996, dan dia mulai berkecimpung di bidang sabun dari thn 1998 -2010.

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Workshop Highlight: Learn How To Make Your Own Scented Botanical Wax Sachet With Kaminari

In this workshop, participants had the chance to blend their own petals, leaves, flowers, etc. Into their own waxwork.

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Big Bear & Bird Christmas Watercolor

Christmas Watercolor Tutorial With Big Bear Bird & – Hedgehog Dreaming of Christmas In London

“I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream!” – Creator of Big Bear and Bird.

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#ILearnThat (Series 01): Sarah Amijo of Big Bear & Bird Shares Her Inspiring Journey As An Illustrator

In this special day of Hari Kartini, we are proud to launch our new video series – #ILearnThat, which is a series of short videos featuring inspiring people of Indonesia.

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