#ILearnThat (Series 01): Sarah Amijo of Big Bear & Bird Shares Her Inspiring Journey As An Illustrator

Jourdan Kamal

Jourdan Kamal
Jourdan Kamal (Born in Indonesia) is a Singapore graduate and internet entrepreneur. He is best known as the founder of, currently the largest workshops directory platform in Indonesia.

In this special day of Hari Kartini, we are proud to launch our new video series – #ILearnThat, which is a series of short videos featuring inspiring people of Indonesia. We believe that behind every successful story, there is always a lesson we can learn from. Whether it’s the person’s struggle or personal revelation about somethings, it’s definitely worth sharing.

In this first series of #ILearnThat, we are honored to have one of Indonesia’s popular watercolorist/illustrator, Sarah Amijo, to share her personal journey while starting out her famous stationery brand, Big Bear and Bird.

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