Our Interview with KompasTV (2016)


Graduated from London School of Public Relations in Jakarta, Mazda Davinia is now a Chief Marketing Officer for MauBelajarApa.com.

It’s really an honor to be invited to KompasTV (Indonesia’s TV Channel) to share with the viewers of what MauBelajaraApa.com is all about. Although this was not our first time, it was still as excited as the first, especially this time round, we came with the creator of Big Bear and Bird (a famous illustrator in Indonesia). We owed it all to her for supporting us and agreeing to demonstrate her artsy skill on the show. So we would like to take this chance to specially thank her, not only for the show but as a friend who has been a great supporter of maubelajarapa.com since day one.

Watch the 2nd part of the video here:

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