Mastering Social Media Marketing Workshop With Founder of (Jourdan Kamal)

Jourdan Kamal

Jourdan Kamal
Jourdan Kamal (Born in Indonesia) is a Singapore graduate and internet entrepreneur. He is best known as the founder of, currently the largest workshops directory platform in Indonesia.

I had the privilege to teach a group of students (consist mainly of Business Men & Women, entrepreneurs, etc) on a Saturday morning, 9th October 2016. They were amazingly enthusiastic and really impressed to see the hunger these people had for knowledge and learning. Wishing all my students all the best and see you in my other workshops! Stay tune!

My Next Workshop:
1. 12 November 2016, Saturday: The Art of Starting Up: Learn How To Start Your Online Business
2. 19 November 2016, Saturday: Learn How To Build Your Own Professional Website In One Day
3. 10 December 2016, Saturday: Mastering The Art of Social Media Marketing (Advance)

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