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Foodpreneurs Talk with Saladstop
Business, Entrepreneurship Sharing Session: Foodpreneurs Talk: In Conversation with Director of SaladStop! Indonesia
Rp 200.000 2 hours left
Start Your Own Startup
Business, Entrepreneurship Workshop: Learn How To Start Your Own Startup
Rp 300.000 4 days left
(Intensive Class) Learn How to Be Wedding Organizer
Business Management, Entrepreneurship Workshop: (6 Sessions) (Intensive Class) Learn How to Be Wedding Organizer
Rp 10.000.000Rp 10.000.000 6 days left
Fashion Start up
Entrepreneurship, Fashion Business, Finance Workshop: Learn How To Do Budgeting for a Fashion Start-Up
Rp 400.000 6 days left
Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy Workshop: Learn About Financial Planning For Business Owner or Freelancer
Rp 500.000 1 week left
Learn How to Do Investing Strategically for Millenials
Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance Seminar / Conference: Why Millennials Should Invest Now With Adrian Maulana
Rp 50.000 2 weeks left
From Journalism to Business News with Najwa Shihab
Business Communication, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development Sharing Session: From Journalist to News Business : Narasi Story of Najwa Shihab
Rp 50.000 2 weeks left