Algoritma Data Science Education Center

We are founded with the vision of democratizing data science skills and equip every professional with a set of core skills across the various domains of data visualization, regression, data modeling, machine learning, and statistical programming literacy. Whether you’re a marketing executive, a business analyst, an entrepreneur, or a financial market professional, we want to help you be a rockstar and a highly effective executive.

Modern workforces are under-equipped to solve the kind of problems we face as a collective in the digital era. While the complexity and enormity of data have grown explosively in the past few years, the tools we use to solve these problems have seen only incremental improvements every decade or so.

Data science, the field dedicated to the study of insights extraction, statistical modeling, and artificial intelligence can empower professionals in profound ways and it will continue to play an increasingly integral role in our interaction with technology.

Algoritma’s pedagogical excellence is recognized regionally, an achievement backed by our illustrious track record in year-long corporate consulting projects and other shorter consultative, customized training engagements.