Arleen A
Location: DKI Jakarta

If you are interested in writing class, read this:

Arleen is a children book and novel author. In the past 14 years, she has written more than 250 children books and more than 10 novels, published by more than 30 publishers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.

In 2015, when Indonesia became the guest of honor in Frankfurt Book Fair, Arleen was part of the Indonesia delegation.

Her books can be seen on this site:

If you are interested in watercolor class, read this:

Arleen is NOT a watercolorist, in fact, just like the other non talented people, her hand has a difficulty transfering what's in her mind onto paper. But Arleen has found (relatively) easier ways to create pretty watercolor pieces that ANYONE can also do (including those without the talent like her).

Her other watercolor pieces can be seen on her desk: