Location: Jakarta Selatan

Hi...my name is Cecilia.

I am the founder of Celinat Homemade since 2005. Celinat Homemade is a homemade bake creations, made from my family secret recipe. After my mom past away in 2003, I continued the homemade business, selling comfort food casseroles such as macaroni and cheese, quiche, pies, dumplings, and cookies.

Celinat is all about food gifting that you can cook / bake and creatively package the food and gift them to your family or friends.

This year, I open classes for parents and kids (mom /dad/ grandparents/ sisters/brothers) and share my family recipe that are healthy, rich with nutrition, and great to be enjoyed.

My goal is to share happiness to families through baking / cooking. So...parents and kids can spend togetherness and share their food creations to other parts of families.