Coco SoapWorks is a natural homemade skincare product (majority soap) from Indonesia which is made with love by Mona Yasmina Sjukri. The name of Coco itself taken from the word Coconut, which means the majority of our soap product based on coconut oil. Not only women, this product is also suitable for men.

-3 Main Idea of Coco SoapWorks-

It’s Natural Beauty Products.
Coco SoapWorks believe that beauty came from nature and beauty products that are good for nature are also suitable for our skin. Coco SoapWorks can be used by all skin types and can be used by men and women of all ages, from children to middle-aged.

It’s Environmentally Friendly Packaging
We highly value environmental sustainability; therefore, we invite our client to minimise the use of plastic packaging that will continue to be able to produce zero waste products.

We plant Tree
Yesss, by buying Coco SoapWorks products from the website, you are also donating to plant trees in several parts of the world.

Enjoy your product & save our earth while you are getting more beautiful.