Dash2 Community
Location: DKI Jakarta

We are a business internet based community. We create events to help any type of people who wants to learn and make money from internet. We share our experiences and knowledge in a simple way so people with any background can understand. there are many things that we teach for example, personal branding, FB Ads, copy writing, and funnel.

The founder of this community is Husanto We and Suwandi Chow. Their aims are to help you get an Internet Business Solution that can give you a BREAKTHROUGH income and KEEP CALM facing the FAST change to Internet era

After us giving workshops and seminars to thousands of business people, employees, SMEs, professionals, internet marketers, public speakers, housewives, etc., these are the 5 main questions that are often asked by participants:

- How do I Market My Products Through the Internet / Social Media so it be more profitable?
- How Can You Get Started in Internet Business and be successful if You Don't Have a previous Internet Business Experience and Don't Have an Idea?
- How do you have a new source of income from an internet business, if you are still busy with your current job or business?
- Steps to Win Business Competition, which is getting more and more severe.
- How the most Effective and Proven Step by Step to get the first Rp.100jt from an Internet Business?
Through our events, we strive to provide internet marketing knowledge, and Internet Millionaire mindset, so that everyone can enjoy the Booming of Internet Business that is soon engulfing Indonesia.

Through our event, you can also directly consult with our founder about your business ideas or strategy. There are also other mentors that can help you improve your skills and knowledge faster rather than wasting time and money for trial and error. How you can apply what we share in our events to your business strategy? What strategy suits best for internet bussiness nowadays? Should we move to internet business? or can we still survive with conventional business.

Why Husanto We and Suwandi Chow create this event? years ago, they were like most of us, didn't know where to start. They have spent lots of money and time, faced problems, tried different paths to make them become an internet millionaire like today. They've known the struggle. These things move their heart to help other people so we dont need to face the hard parts like the one they've run into. That's why this community exist