Djournal Coffee

With the belief that life is too short for bad coffee, Djournal Coffee has been delivering your daily caffeine fix since opening its doors in 2013. Every single day, Djournal Coffee aspires to make its establishments as comfortable as possible for all its patrons, a.k.a “Djournalists”, providing a third home after their house and workplace. Our devotion to bring the best possible cup of coffee is acknowledged internationally as the best Asia Pacific Airport Coffee, Tea, Non-alcoholic Beverage Shop of the Year by FAB in 2018.

Proudly bringing the goodness from Indonesian-origin coffee beans, Djournal Coffee serves a wide-range of daily artisan coffee. In alliance with our finest local farmers, the best curated beans from the fertile ground of Indonesia are brewed in various brewing methods, namely espresso based, pour over, syphon and cold drip. Through this detailed steps, Djournal Coffee gladly delivers the best coffee for its Djournalists in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali.

Not only serving cups of caffeinated drinks, Djournal Coffee also offers signature ice blended drinks with exciting flavors, such as Nutella Blast, Regally Blonde and Green Tea Freeze, to be paired with delicious Egg Benedict Batavia and various pastries. All the goodness of Djournal’s menu could be enjoyed in a relaxed and down-to-earth atmosphere; a gentle reminder that coffee is a product of the earth that is always grounded and humble.