Exquisite Connection Pte, Ltd
Location: Jakarta Selatan

Exquisite Connection is official distributor of Core Strength. Our methodology is grounded on the belief that participants learns best in a positive environment. Our tool has been developed for over 40 years. It has been taken by more than 2 million people in 28 countries.

Every individual values three critical priorities (people, process, performance) differently. How we integrate and value each of them reveals who we are at our core. Our Motivational Value System (MVS) influences our choices on which strength to use in particular situation and why. We can help you understand what drives people to give their best in working and learn how to build collaborative communication in team.

Core Strength provide manager level training to create effective collaboration in your team where everyone knows their own and each other's motivation so you can discover better ways to communicate, collaborate, and work through conflict in your team.