Location: DKI Jakarta

MAHDINA FORUM is a community based self development forum. Founded in 2008 by Anggita Citanegara Lubis with the vision of providing all level of society with affordable English language education. The forum start with an English discussion forum among friends to share insight, exercise English and socialize. In time, the forum established affordable English course for friends and surroundings (Rp 20,000 per month) and still continue to this day. The forum expands to making Arabic course, German course and Japanese course with the same concept of the English course, where all teachers are volunteers. Along with the courses, Mahdina Forum introduces linguistic based soft skill workshops such as public speaking workshop, presentation skill workshop, rhetoric workshop, etc. More volunteers from professionals in their fields are eager to share their knowledge and this gave Mahdina Forum resources to make Monthly Self Development Courses such as Management Workshop, Leadership Workshop, Communication in Organization Workshop, Boost Your Confidence Workshop, Understanding System Workshop, Planning Workshop and many more.