Menggores Warna
Location: Jakarta Selatan

Hai. How are you? Hope you in the great and amazing feeling.
I’m Edi Swasono Raharjo. 1 was born in Banjarnegara 21 years ago. Now, I’m working in PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia as ticketing. When I feel bored or make me feel nothing, I will paint for make me feel better in the normal emotion. I love paint when I was child, sometimes I came and join in the competition for represent my school also sometimes I won and lose. I’m botanical illustration artist. I paint jasmine, sakura, orchid, rose, olive and more. Beside I paint kind of flowers I also paint any galaxies in different template, like goblet, glass, mug, lamp and more. Visit my instagram account for my arts @swartraharjo.
That’s my profile. Thanks and see you.