(CLTC) Critical Life Training & Coaching is a Professional Community that provides various professional learning methods in order to find, map and fulfill a complete learning process to achieve the Learning Objectives themselves.
With the approach of Interactive Training and Appropriate Coaching application accompanied by a complete Assessment, we adjust the critical process for individuals to find the right direction to achieve the individual's desired goals. Our Training and Coaching approach refers to the participants' personal Life Goals themes, such as Career Orientation, Lifestyle, Personal Finance, Family Finance, Relationship between Personal & Professional, Study, Interest and Talent, Parenting, Beginner Business, etc. However, we also provide various sub-content of Corporate Training, Coaching & Assessment, such as Sales, Leadership, Teamwork, Balance Scorecard, Talent Management, etc.

(CLTC) Critical Life Training & Coaching focuses on 3 Critical Challenge Content for individuals, namely: Behavior, Health & Financial. Where these three contents complement each other and provide complete measurements to achieve the learning objectives of each individual.