Yayasan Panca Maha
Location: Jakarta Pusat

We saw how people's life has become very instant, fast paced, and very modern in some ways (gadgets are one of the most important thing in people’s lives) but can be left behind in other very basic-very important areas (quality of life, basic survival skills, health and safety standard, financial management, purpose of life, etc). These areas are the basic life skills education, practical trainings for survival, financial management, knowledge management, self-awareness education, health and safety, and security management.

Therefore, we decided to take a step forward to bridge “the gap” through training, education that is not being taught in the school. We believe, by empowering people’s lives, people will pay it forward from one to another and it will create a positive impact through “domino’s effect”. Everyday is another step of success if we have done something good for others. Would you like to be a part of our classes and be the agent of change?