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professional workshop jakarta
Business, Business Communication, Business Management Short Course: (8 Sessions) Learn About Excellent Business Training Academy
Rp 9.040.000 17 hours left
Belajar cara negosiasi
Business, Business Communication, Sales, Startup Workshop: (2 Sessions) Learn about Powerful Negotiation Skill
Rp 3.500.000 3 days left
belajar tentang insta dan facebook ads
Business Communication, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Workshop: Learn How to Grow Your Business Using Instagram & Facebook Ads
Rp 200.000 3 days left
Learn How Voucher Mechanisms Affect Your Business
Business Communication, Business Management, Marketing Workshop: Learn How Voucher Mechanisms Affect Your Business
Rp 450.000Rp 350.000 4 days left
Business, Business Communication, Entrepreneurship Workshop: Learn How To Create The Ultimate Pitch Deck
Rp 250.000 4 days left
Business Communication, Public Speaking Workshop: (2 Sessions) Learn How To Create The Ultimate Presentation Deck & Deliver Great Presentation (Bundle Package)
Rp 475.000 4 days left
Basic Business Presentation Skill
Business, Business Communication, Entrepreneurship Short Course: Learn About Basic Business Presentation Skill
Rp 950.000 5 days left
belajar manage tim
Business Communication, HR, Personal Development Short Course: Learn About the Art of Managing People
Rp 850.000 1 week left