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CPR Training
Health & Wellness, Life Skills Workshops: Learn About Home and Sport First Response Training
Rp 320.000 7 days left
Health & Wellness, Meditation Workshops: Learn About Meditation And Healing for Your Enlightenment
Rp 3.500.000 7 days left
First Aid Workshop
Health & Wellness, Life Skills, Lifestyle Workshops: Learn How To Save A Life: Introductory of First Aid Workshop
Rp 750.000 7 days left
Manage Stress
Health & Wellness, Personal Development Workshops: Learn How To Free Up Your Mind And Manage Your Stress
Rp 350.000 7 days left
Zumba Exercise
Health & Wellness, Latin / Merengue / Salsa / Zumba Short Courses: Learn How To Do Fun And Active Exercise With Zumba (Yani)
Rp 85.000 2 weeks left
hatha yoga
Health & Wellness, Yoga Short Courses: Learn About Hatha Yoga
Rp 85.000 2 weeks left
How Body Shaping
Health & Wellness Short Courses: Learn About Body Shaping
Rp 85.000 2 weeks left
Health & Wellness Workshops: Learn To Get Healthy With Pound Fit Technique
Rp 85.000 3 weeks left