Transforming Our Nation, One Neighborhood At A Time, Through Art Movement (My Artsy Neighborhood)


Jourdan Kamal (Born in Indonesia) is a Singapore graduate and internet entrepreneur. He is best known as the founder of, currently the largest workshops directory platform in Indonesia.

We were working in a neighborhood cafe one day (weekday) in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) when Sarah and I witnessed how lifeless the Jakarta neighborhood was during the day. PIK is well known for its vibrant F&B scene during the weekend but during weekdays, they are pretty much quiet. Some of the cafes we explored did have some crowd but the people there were either busy selfie-ing (for their social media existence/endorsement or whatever) or chatting (gossiping to be exact).


Sarah from Big Bear and Bird, came from an Art background and she described how amazing it would be if Jakarta’s cafe scene could be a little more artistic like those in London, where people could take part in a more meaningful activities such as doing art, performing, reading, etc. Then ideas just sparked. I decided to take her words seriously and began to plan for a movement – a movement that shall promote art activities in a small neighborhood like in PIK. Using the resources we have in and since Sarah herself is an illustrator, we gathered 5-6 cafe owners and began to present them our simple ideas. The ideas was sold immediately and here we present to you – My Artsy Neighborhood.

Our first mission is to introduce a few art classes into the neighborhood coffee shops as well as to encourage local artists and creative communities to do their artsy works in the unused spaces there to get the spark started.


#MyArtsyNeighborhood first workshop was calligraphy taught by Evelyn from @kuromopi. The turnout was amazingly well at He.brews Coffee Corner and it was sold out.


At the same time, Edria from @supercalligraphylistic was conducting her sold-out Hand Lettering Workshop too at Nocturnal Coffee nearby.

My-Artsy-Neighborhood-Edria-Workshop4 My-Artsy-Neighborhood-Edria-Workshop3 My-Artsy-Neighborhood-Edria-Workshop

Look at those smiles on the participants’ faces!


Artist Showcase with Edria


Herlina is one of our teachers too!


Grace was showcasing her work at Wheat & Wit Coffee Shop (Pantai Indah Kapuk).


Can you believe that this was actually taken on Monday? The crowd gathered around noon in a neighborhood Coffee Shop – Social Affair (PIK) just to admire the artist’s work. Thanks to Sarah Amijo for her amazing sharing!


Thanks for the generous coffee shops who take part in the movement!


So What’s Next?

#MyArtsyNeighborhood movement will last around 3 months. There will be full of workshops and artist showcase and on the 25th of March 2017, Saturday, there will be a NIGHT ART MARKET too! So please make yourself available! Come down to PIK area around 3-10pm on that day! See you soon!

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This movement is also supported by

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Art Materials by Artemedia



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