We Found 11 Amazing Watercolor Artist Who Are Inspiring! Yes, They Are All Indonesians Too!


Graduated from London School of Public Relations in Jakarta, Mazda Davinia is now a Chief Marketing Officer for MauBelajarApa.com.

Watercolor workshop is currently on trend now in Indonesia and thanks to Instagram, we are able to locate some of Indonesia’s most inspiring watercolor artists. Yes, some of them provide watercolor classes too! So don’t forget to catch them on maubelajarapa.com!

1. Luqman Reza Mulyono (@jongkie)
Well known for his dynamic and colorful style, Jongkie interprets his paintings usually with a combination of nature and fantasy.

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2. Sarah Amijo (@BigBearAndBird)
One of the most sought after watercolor artist in Indonesia, Big Bear and Bird is well known for their adorable creatures. Sarah Amijo, the illustrator, is currently residing in Jakarta, focusing in producing Big Bear and Bird’s own stationery label.


3. Ayang Cempaka (@ayangcempaka)
Ayang Cempaka is an Indonesian illustrator based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Turning her childhood hobby of drawing into a range of well-crafted products, she has now already launched two brands under her belt.


4. Hezky Kurniawan (@hezkykurniawan)
Well known for his rustic watercolor masterpieces, Hezky Kurniawan had also produced a children’s watercolor illustration book overseas.


5. Jamal M. Aziz (@lapantigatiga)
A super multi-talented artist of Indonesia. Not only he is well known for his watercolor illustration, his hand lettering and mural wall painting skills are incredible.

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6. Inez Tiara (@kellyswrappingpaper)
Started in November 2013, Kelly’s The Wrapping Paper Company is a paper goods and stationery brand based in Jakarta, Indonesia.


7. Priska Susanto (@Pikapoppin)
Based in Surabaya, Indonesia, Priska is a self taught artist and illustrator who draws anything she likes. This includes fashion and anything pretty.


8. Ning Fathia (@Babalisme)
Babalisme is an illustration and design factory based in Bandung, Indonesia. Founded by Ning Fathia, she specializes in watercolor and hand drawn illustrations.

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9. Rachel Ajeng (@rachelajeng)
The youngest watercolor artist we have featured so far! Based in Bandung, Rachel Ajeng is one talented young lady whose are work has inspired many. Catch her in her workshops soon!

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10. Thomashanandry (@Thomashanandry)
Thomashanandry is also a pencil artist based in Surabaya. Loves to combine his pencil sketches with beautiful watercolor effects.


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