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Learn The New Art of Personal Branding [Create Your Personal Success Blueprint Series]

Minimal Usia: 18 tahun
Level: Pemula
Bahasa Pengantar: Indonesia & Inggris
  • Pengajar:

    Vita Harsono

  • Tanggal dimulai:

    Jumat, 16 April 2021
    14.00 - 16.00 WIB

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  • Situs Webinar:

    Platform: Zoom

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Tentang Workshop

Hi Learners! Are you looking to start your own business? Or maybe you are looking for a job, a next step in your career that matches your talent and strengths? Do you ever wonder how to better present yourself, how to craft an image that would attract the right business partners, or to catch the eye of a hiring manager, proving that you are capable of the position or job you want?

Then this class is for you! In this class, we will take a look at how you can discover your selling values and market yourself through Personal Branding. Also, what you put on social media says a lot about you, and not only you can use this to sell yourself in a unique, out-of-the-box way to attract people as your potential business partner, or even potential clients – but these days Hiring Managers are looking at your social media too!

Note: this class is part of a series, where will create our own personal success blueprint through 3 (three) steps, which will be conducted in separate classes. You can take these classes separately, or you can choose to join all three. Don’t worry if you have not joined the first class, you can still get some cool insights to revamp your social media into a personal branding tool.

(Psst, there is also a bundled class option if you want to take all three!)
(Bundling Package) Learn How to Create Your Personal Success Blueprint


- Those who are looking to start their own business
- Those who are looking to apply for a job
- Those who are curious about how to improve their personal image and how to present themselves

Poin Materi Belajar

- The meaning of Personal Branding
- Discovering your (unique) selling values & propositions
- How to market yourself and impress others (potential business partners, clients, hiring managers, employers, etc)
- Practical tips to improve you you present yourself in social media
- Practical tips to introduce yourself and make a great first impression

Rp 250.000

Kamis, 15 April 2021, 17.00 WIB

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Tentang Pengajar

  • Vita Harsono
    Vita Harsono, (Graphology, HR Practitioner, Life-Coach, Personal Development, Talent Development, Self Discovery)

    Vita is a very reliable person with focus interest on human relation, office management and soft-skill development. Therefore her 20 years working experience is ranging from managing secretarial duties into comprehensive client engagement in supply chain, legal matters and lately being a human resources practitioner who always maintains appropriate manner and excellent service to reach company's goal as well as building good relationship with the customer as well as suppliers.
    Communication and Multi-Talent becomes her inner strengths. She actively involves in her passion of human interest and professional achievement. Her roles reveal her true care and compelling skill in dealing with various people and placed herself balance, both as a comforter and a good listener at the same time.
    "Learning is a Life-Journey" becomes her motto in trying new things and enable her smoothly adjust and blend into a challenging diverse community.

Harga termasuk:

- Class Materials
- Short 1-on-1 analysis/coaching during class
- 2,5 hour Small Group Coaching Sessions (separate day)
- Exclusive WA Discussion Group with the Trainer for 1 month


Bentuk Sertifikat: Elektronik

Tipe Sertifikat: Sertifikat Kehadiran

Yang perlu disiapkan

- Good Internet Connection
- Zoom App
- PC/Laptop or Smartphone
- Send us the link to your social media profile (preferably Instagram) to jakarta@impacthub.net
- Please make sure the account is not ‘private’ so the trainer can have a look at your profile to give feedback.
- You can also send a 30-second video of you introducing yourself.
- Record the file on your phone (free format) and send a copy to us with file name: [FullName]_Video Intro.mp4 (sample: Alia Yunus_Video Intro.mp4)
- All materials to be sent to: Jakarta@impacthub.net, Subject: Success Blueprint Material [Your Name]
- All submitted materials are for reviewing/feedback /coaching purposes only.

Tanya Jawab

  • Tanya: Bisakah saya mendapat pengembalian uang jika tiba-tiba saya berhalangan hadir?

    Jawab: Tidak.

  • Tanya: Bisakah teman saya menggantikan saya jika saya berhalangan hadir?

    Jawab: Bisa, kalau kamu peserta umum dan bukan penerima Kartu Prakerja. Untuk penerima Kartu Prakerja kamu tidak diperbolehkan mengganti kepesertaan.

Syarat & Ketentuan

Semua pembayaran tidak dapat diuangkan kembali dan tidak bisa dialihkan ke workshop lain, tapi kamu boleh memberikan tiketmu ke orang lain jika kamu peserta umum. Untuk penerima Kartu Prakerja, pemindahan kepesertaan tidak berlaku. Hubungi tim kami untuk pengaturan lebih lanjut.

Segala pemberitahuan mengenai informasi dan perubahan kelas akan disampaikan langsung oleh sistem kami melalui email, harap melakukan pengecekan email secara berkala.

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Rp 250.000

Kamis, 15 April 2021, 17.00 WIB

Pendaftaran tutup, beritahu saya jadwal berikutnya!


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