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COFFEENISTY: Spill The Bean! Conference 2019

minimal usia: 16 tahun
Level: Pemula
Bahasa Pengantar: Indonesia & Inggris
Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Pengajar:

    Billy Kurniawan, Sylvia Surya, Hendy Setiono, Edward Tirtanata, David Tjokrorahardjo, Charlotte Kowara, Donny Pramono Ie, Ryo Limijaya, Arief Said, Viki Rahardja

  • Tanggal dimulai:

    Sabtu, 7 Desember 2019
    09.00 AM - 04.00 PM WIB

  • Alamat:

    57 Promenade Marketing
    Grha Niaga Thamrin, Jalan K.H. Mas Mansyur, Kebon Melati, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia

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    202 (Sold Out)

Tentang Workshop

Calling out Coffee Entrepreneurs and Enthusiasts! This is your chance to attend one happening event where passionate coffee professionals and entrepreneurs will learn skills, receive education and network with industry experts!

Poin Materi Belajar

1. Panel Discussion 1 (Coffee Knowledge)
Speakers: Viki Rahardja, Ryo Limijaya, Arief Said
- Understanding step by step from harvesting coffee beans in farm to serving a cup of a coffee to the customer
- Way to increasing productivity and quality coffee beans through technology
- Collaboration with coffee beans farmer in the suburban area and upscaling their exposures
- How to make perfect coffee beans to be supplied
- Understanding the logistics and distribution challenges in coffee beans business

2. Panel Discussion 2 (Business Model, Managing & Franchising)
Speakers: Billy Kurniawan, Edward Tirtanata, Sylvia Surya, Hendy Setiono
- Deep dive indonesian coffee’s market
- Learn indonesian habit in drinking coffees
- How to leverage indonesian local F&B brand to overseas
- Will tech-implementation be the future in the coffee industry as well?
- How to compete creatively in the current super tight market?
- How to manage multiple outlets, what kind of team should be built, what kind of struggles in building a successful F&B brand?

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Jumat, 06 Desember 2019, 5 PM WIB

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Tentang Pengajar

  • Billy Kurniawan
    Billy Kurniawan, (Co-Founder & CEO of Kopi Janji Jiwa)

    Billy started his venture in 2011 by co-founding Calais Bubble Tea as one of the early pioneers of the rising Bubble Tea Trend. He is responsible for Brand marketing and franchise development. By 2014, he launches Simetri Coffee Roasters and holds a Q Grader Certificate for Coffee Grading. After selling off his ventures, he started with a fresh concept of Kopi Janji Jiwa in 2018. He focuses on the full development of the brand, growing aligned with the mission of Kopi Janji Jiwa. A cup for farmers, a cup with partners and a cup for the people.

  • Sylvia Surya
    Sylvia Surya, (Co-Founder & CEO of Kopi Soe)

    Sylvia memiliki background marketing komunikasi dengan minat di bidang FnB sedari dulu, pengalaman menjalani beberapa bisnis FnB online kecil kecilan semasa bekerja di perusahaan sebagai karyawan membuat Sylvia pada awal tahun 2018, memutuskan untuk merintis bisnis Kopi Soe bersama partner.

    Dengan kecintaan akan kopi dan peluang bisnis kopi , Sylvia terus mengembangkan bisnisnya hingga lebih dari 60 outlet. Sekarang Sylvia fokus dalam marketing dan business development dari Kopi Soe.

  • Hendy Setiono
    Hendy Setiono, (Co-Founder of Foresthree Coffee)

    Hendy Setiono started the business at the age of 19 years old. Started with 1 store in Surabaya, until now Kebab Turki Baba Rafi has more than 1,300 outlets in 10 countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Netherland and India in 2019. From Baba Rafi Enterprise, he started another F&B Businesses such as Foresthree Coffee by Deva Mahenra, Cakekinian by Arief Muhammad and Ngikan Yuk by Rachel Vennya. Currently he is also developing another category of business which is Tambak Udang Vaname.

    Hendy becomes Angel investor and support young entrepreneurs to grow their business. His success story inspires many young entrepreneurs. He established Hendy Setiono Foundation as his dedication to encourage more young entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

    As one of the chosen entrepreneur in The Asia’s Top 10 Young Entrepreneur Award and also the First Winner Franchise Global Indonesia from Joko Widodo as The President of Indonesia, he believes that everyone has the same opportunity to be successful, only their efforts and strong will that can make difference.

  • Edward Tirtanata
    Edward Tirtanata, (CEO and Founder of Kopi Kenangan)

    Serial food & restaurateur with successful companies such Lewis & Carroll, Edward then emerged to his new venture, Kopi Kenangan, and is the fastest growing coffee chain and raised $8 Million from prominent venture capital firm, Alpha JWC, in less than 2 years of operations

  • David Tjokrorahardjo
    David Tjokrorahardjo, (Managing Principal of Sovereign's Capital)

    David Tjokrorahardjo is a business leadership coach, a communicator of ideas, a multi-national entrepreneur, and an investor. Born and raised in Medan, North Sumatra, David is the third child of Soetekdjo Tjokrorahardjo and Lanny Riady. At early age, David had established few business operations. His early works were Bengkel Cakra and Global Mandarin Centerindo that was sold in 2005. He then pursued his bachelor degree at Stevens Institute of Technology at Hoboken, New Jersey majoring in Business & Technology. It's there that he met his wife and together started Heartbead New York, a fashion jewelry retailer that was sold in 2007.Currently David is the Managing Partner of Sekata Indonesia Perkasa (SIP), a business leadership coaching company focusing on organizations that want to put focus on customers satisfaction, employees growth and scaleable & sustainable leadership. David has a vision of "Sekata Indonesia Perkasa". He believes that to become a world-class leader, the leader must discover and develop its strengths to become excellent, live an integrated lifestyle and contributes wherever the leader lives.David is also the Managing Principal of Sovereign's Capital, a US based private equity that invest globally in three main sectors of the economy: technology, health care, and consumer products & services. The company has invested in couple dozen companies with portfolios like Loket (now part of Gojek), Bridestory (now part of Tokopedia), Berry Kitchen (now part of Yummy), Printerous, Nimbly, Tada Network, Rebel Works, Hactiv8,, Summit Medical, Xendit, Cloud Factory, Bandwith (Nasdaq), Mancrates, Thrive, and Grab.David actively serves at Jakarta Praise Community Church as a leader and teacher. He has been happily tied with his wife, Julia Tan since 2000 and has been blessed with three children: Rachel, Daniel and Joseph.

  • Charlotte Kowara
    Charlotte Kowara, (Chief Empowerment Officer)

    Graduated from Seattle University with a Bachelor of Arts, Marketing and Entrepreneurial & Innovation. Started career at one of Indonesia’s leading Media Agency, Mindshare Indonesia as Digital Client Lead primarily managing FMCG which leads to 6 years career at Google Indonesia as Strategy and Initiatives Lead. Saw an opportunity in SMEs sector in F&B industry, started Accelerice - Indonesia's First Food Innovation & Knowledge Hub with a mission to empower and scale up SMEs in F&B industry with a vision for Indonesia to become a central player in the future of food innovation and technology. It has an accelerator, co-working and event space, kitchen, store, packaging materials room and etc.

  • Donny Pramono Ie
    Donny Pramono Ie, (Founder of Soursally Group & Selera Kapital)

    Donny Pramono Ie founded "Sour Sally" in 2008 at the age of 26 years old. The idea came from his love of frozen yogurt while he was studying in Los Angeles.By the end of 2019, Sour Sally Group, hence the company has become is operating 3 brands: Sour Sally, Gulu Gulu, & Fika with more than 200 stores focusing on QSR (Quick Service Retail) Business Model employing more than 500 employees.Every bit a serial entrepreneur with an eyefor innovation, Donny aspires to set up A Sour Sally Group F&B Venture Investment Arm named Selera Kapital which will accelerate fellow QSR F&B Entrepreneurs by empowering them to scale up with the right know-how.Other than F&B, Donny also has interests in investment and technology start ups. He is a shareholder of Purwadhika Start Up School: An informal education school that teaches on Start-up, Digital marketing, and UI/UX Design with more than 1000 students enrolled.His motto in Innovation is "Think Different, Not (Only) Better"

  • Ryo Limijaya
    Ryo Limijaya, (Certified Q-Arabica Grader)

    Joined Anomali Coffee in 2015 as Head of Sales & Marketing, Ryo Limijaya is a strong marketing professional with a Master of Arts (MA) focused in Marketing Communications from the University of Westminster. His curiosity, skill, and knowledge about coffee is getting deeper as he working at Anomali Coffee, one of Indonesia specialty coffee roaster companies. Ryo is certified as Q-Arabica Grader by Coffee Quality Institute in April 2018.

  • Arief Said
    Arief Said, (Founder & CEO of Gordi)

    Arief started the journey in the world of coffee when he quit his engineering job and became a roaster in Sensory Lab / ST Ali Melbourne, Australia back in 2011.His passion towards coffee is represented on his milestone with several certifications from SCA (Specialty Coffee Association). He is one of the few people in Indonesia that acquires roasting certificate from this world class association.Over the past 4 years, Arief has proven his capability by being a head judge in the Barista Championship that is held in Indonesia and a sensory judge in Singapore.Between the year 2012 and 2015, Arief cofounded Morph Coffee and grow his roastery from zero till it became widely known for quality coffee. Within those times, he also supported and acted as consultant for more than 20 F&B retail brands.In 2016, Arief started Gordi with a grand vision to introduce Indonesian micro-roasters to the crowds through coffee subscription. Under his leadership, within 2 years, not only operating as an online business, but Gordi also able to handle many offline activity (training center and cafe). Also become a coffee supplier for the other businesses.

  • Viki Rahardja
    Viki Rahardja, (Barista, Latte Art Professional)

    Viki Rahardja menekuni industri kopi sejak tahun 2014 dan telah menjadi pembicara di berbagai kesempatan. Kemampuan beliau juga tidak diragukan lagi dengan deretan kompetisi yang telah dimenangkannya, salah satunya sebagai 1st Champion pada kompetisi CTI Latte Art Battle Asia -Thailand 2016. Beliau telah dipercayakan sebagai Coffee Ambassador untuk Kementrian Pariwisata Republik Indonesia sejak tahun 2017 hingga saat ini.Memiliki pengalaman sebagai Head Barista and QC Tanamera Coffee pada tahun 2016, kini Viki Rahardja fokus menjadi Sales Executive untuk PT. TOFFIN Indonesia dan konsultan untuk proyek- proyek Coffeeshop.

Harga termasuk:

- Panel Discussion
- Group Mentoring Session (with 2 selected mentors)
- Speed Dating Session (limited to only 10 coffee businesses)
- Demo Class (Latte Art, Coffee Cupping, Coffee Roasting)
- Networking
- Lunch & Snacks


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- Pitch Deck if you want to join the speed dating session
- Name card for networking

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Rp 200.000 / per pax

Jumat, 06 Desember 2019, 5 PM WIB

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  • Belajar bukan cuma buat kopi tapi lebih ke bagaimana kita bsia membuat bisnis dan memulai bisnis di bidang ini

    - Felix Soelaiman (attended "COFFEENISTY: Spill The Bean! Conference 2019" instructed by "Billy Kurniawan, Sylvia Surya, Hendy Setiono, Edward Tirtanata, David Tjokrorahardjo, Charlotte Kowara, Donny Pramono Ie, Ryo Limijaya, Arief Said, Viki Rahardja")
  • The speaker was insightful and humble. Really enjoying every minutes of the growth and the connection created.

    - Hardono Japonika (attended "Foodpreneurs Talk: In Conversation With Owner Of Abura Soba Yamatoten" instructed by "Ian Hendarto, Jourdan Kamal")
  • Very informative and inspiring

    - Della Widjajakusuma (attended "Foodpreneurs Talk: In Conversation With Owner Of Abura Soba Yamatoten" instructed by "Ian Hendarto, Jourdan Kamal")