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Learn The Art Of 3D Negotiation: Powerful Tools to Change Your Game

minimal usia: 23 tahun
Level: Pemula
Bahasa Pengantar: Inggris
  • Pengajar:

    Daniel Soh

  • Tanggal dimulai:

    Rabu, 15 Mei 2019
    10.00 AM - 01.00 PM

  • Alamat:

    GoWork fX Sudirman, F7
    7th Floor, Jl. Pintu Satu Senayan 10270

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Tentang Workshop

Hi Learners! The misconception – Negotiation is a high-level and sophisticated skill only applicable for merger & acquisition (M&A) specialists and C-suites at the world’s leading companies.

The truth – Negotiation is an alternative yet valuable decision making skill applicable for all individuals, which can empower them to achieve a win-win outcome with the most promising results.

Join us to gain a refreshing perspective about negotiation, and understand how the negotiation skill could prove more useful than what you expect. You will learn valuable insights on sought-after negotiation techniques from Harvard Business School and Edinburgh Business School MBA Programme, which include the 3 dimensions of negotiation, the 4 phases of negotiation, the 3 styles of negotiators, how to identify and counter streetwise manipulative tactics used against you, and more.

Poin Materi Belajar

- Negotiation – an alternative valuable decision making skill
- A refreshing overview of the ‘Science of Negotiation’
- Value-claiming Strategies versus Value-creation Strategies in Negotiation
- Understanding the Three Dimensions of Negotiation
- First Dimension Negotiation : Useful Negotiation Tactics from Harvard Business School
- Second Dimension Negotiation : Steps to Unlocking Values at Least Costs
- Third Dimension Negotiation : Setting Up the Optimal Scope for Negotiation
- Understanding the Four Key Phases of Negotiation
- Preparation Phase in Negotiation using Negotek
- Constructive Debate Phase in Negotiation to derive information on Tradables
- Proposal Phase in Negotiation using the Right Words and Signals
- Bargaining Phase in Negotiation using effective Distributive Techniques
- Understanding the Three Styles of Negotiators – Red, Blue and Purple
- How to identify and counter Streetwise Manipulative Tactics


Rp 200.000

Selasa, 14 Mei 2019, 7 PM

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Tentang Pengajar

  • Daniel Soh
    Daniel Soh, (CEO of SD Group Asia and Management Consultant, Forbes 50 Companies, Asia Private Equity Funds & Global Consultancy Names)

    A reputed economist and consultant in Asia, Mr Daniel Soh publishes customer-oriented economic and policy research on emerging Asia, covering in-depth analysis on an extensive range of topics, to help relevant market players gain valuable insights on the ever-changing real-world economic and business implications. Daniel has been invited by global financial media, including CNBC, BBC, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Channel News Asia etc., to provide live commentary on the economic and business conditions in Asia. His comments have also been frequently quoted on regional and international newspapers, including New York Times, Xinhua News, Business Times, Taipei Times and South China Morning Post etc. Daniel has since published many articles on the Asia financial markets and has written policy research papers (a book included) for South Korean private and government institutions including the Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI) and the Korea Institute of Economic Policy (KIEP). Daniel currently serves as the consultant for Fortune 500 companies and big names in the Asia financial industry.An award-winning university lecturer and featured social entrepreneur in Asia, Mr Daniel Soh has inspired many and amassed numerous awards and recognition from renowned Universities worldwide. Daniel was featured on Singapore Straits Times Newspaper, AsiaOne, The Asian Entrepreneur Magazine and He was invited for an exclusive interview with Singapore Mediacorp's TV programme 'Frontline' and had spoken on Singapore FM938 Radio. Daniel is often engaged by MNCs and public listed companies to design customized executive training programmes, with an aim to achieve strategic business objectives. Above all, Daniel has coached C-suites at the world’s leading companies.Daniel has accumulated extensive teaching and coaching track records. He was the Associate Lecturer for 'Managerial Economics' and 'International Economics' at Singapore University of Social Sciences. And he was invited by the University to be the Associate Faculty for 'International Finance and Trade', where he designed the curricula to train working professionals. Daniel received consecutive years of 'Teaching Award' during his term and was featured in the University Annual Yearbook. Daniel was also invited to be the Associate Lecturer for the Economics and Finance Bachelor Programmes at the University of London and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, where he received the highest Lecturer Evaluation during his term. Daniel currently serves as the adjunct faculty for Edinburgh Business School MBA Programme, and he has amassed a group of followers (including high profile businessman and C-suites) across the Asia region.Previously, Daniel served as the Head of Asia at 4CAST-RGE, a London-based leading market intelligence firm, providing real-time analysis on the foreign exchange, fixed income and money market of the world's top financial institutions and key central banks. Daniel was the Lead Economist at Centennial Group International, a Washington-based global strategic and policy advisory firm that assists governments, international financial institutions and corporations in their reform and economic development efforts.

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Rp 200.000

Selasa, 14 Mei 2019, 7 PM

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