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Learn All About Data Analytics Specialization (Night Class)

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Level: Pemula
Bahasa Pengantar: Indonesia & Inggris

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Hi Learners! The Data Analytics Specialization is a 4-week bundle that is curated to accelerate a student’s mastery in building data products, develop a web application, and data visualization.

Students are not assumed to have a working knowledge of Python /SQL or prior proficiency in statistics/mathematics/algebra. As such the workshop follows a gentle learning curve and emphasize hands-on, one-to-one tutoring from our team of instructors and teaching assistants. Our Data Visualization and Machine Learning Specialization are available for anyone looking for more intermediate-level materials and prefer to learn from first principles.

Throughout the course, you will learn to build, evaluate and deploy your data science products, one project after another. Upon graduation, our team of career support executives and mentors will assist you onto the path of a data science role in a reputable company.

Data Analytics Specialization is a course that is light in theory and perfect for beginners/non-programmers who are looking to learn data analysis. The course has an easier learning curve and takes a more accessible approach by getting participants to understand the “how” part first, rather than a detailed breakdown of the “why”. It is modeled after real-world Analytics apps, with elements of storing and querying from SQL, preprocessing with pandas, reshaping data and producing Visualization. An example of such application that uses all of these elements we teach is

In this program, students will learn how to use Python programming language for Data Analysis where students are prompted to write short snippets of code in frequent intervals, before being offered an explanation on the underlying theoretical frameworks. Instead of mastering the syntactic design of the Python programming language, then moving into data structures, and then the pandas library, and then the mathematical details in an imputation algorithm, and its code implementation; we would do the opposite: Implement the imputation, then a succinct explanation of why it works and applicational considerations (what to look out for, what are assumptions it made, when not to use it, etc).

So, what are you waiting for? Register yourself now to be a data analytics specialist!

Poin Materi Belajar

1. Python for Data Analysts
- Phyton Programming Basic
- Introduction to Dataframes
- Exploratory Data Analysis Tools I
- Graded Assignment

2. Exploratory Data Analysis
- Exploratory Data Analysis Tools II
- Working with Data Types
- Dealing with Untidy Data
- Graded Assignment

3. Data Wrangling and Visualization
- Working with Multiindex Dataframe
- Data Wrangling and Reshaping
- Visual Data Exploratory
- Graded Assignment

4. SQL Query and Capstone Project
- Working with SQL Database
- Graded Assignment

5. Capstone Project
- Create your own capstone project

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Jumat, 10 Juli 2020, 3 PM WIB

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Tentang Pengajar

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    Learn data science by building with Algoritma! We hold programming workshops and bootcamps for those who are looking to upgrade their data science skills.

Harga termasuk:

- All tools & materials during class
- Ongoing Mentorship
- Teaching Assistant Support
- Community & Networking Access


Bentuk Sertifikat: Cetak

Yang perlu disiapkan

- Laptop with minimum RAM 4GB
- Hard Disk with capacity free space of 10GB

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Tanya Jawab

  • Tanya: If I don't have any experience in programming or statistics, will I be able to follow through the course?

    Jawab: Yes our course is beginner-friendly, as we want to democratize data science. For those who have not learn or familiar with programming, do not worry as our instructors and teaching assistant will be guiding you with the course.

  • Tanya: What will be the outcome of the course?

    Jawab: Students will be able to create their own capstone project that will become their own portfolio to showcase their talent and skills.

  • Tanya: What are the pre-requisite to enrol?

    Jawab: There are no pre-requisite, as long students have willingness to learn.

  • Tanya: How long is the course?

    Jawab: The course duration is 17 days, each day of @3 hours. For Data Analytics the course is conducted at Night class (6.30PM - 9.30PM)

  • Tanya: Bisakah saya mendapat pengembalian uang jika tiba-tiba saya berhalangan hadir?

    Jawab: Tidak.

  • Tanya: Bisakah teman saya menggantikan saya jika saya berhalangan hadir?

    Jawab: Bisa, kalau kamu peserta umum dan bukan penerima Kartu Prakerja. Untuk penerima Kartu Prakerja kamu tidak diperbolehkan mengganti kepesertaan.

Syarat & Ketentuan

Semua pembayaran tidak dapat diuangkan kembali dan tidak bisa dialihkan ke workshop lain, tapi kamu boleh memberikan tiketmu ke orang lain jika kamu peserta umum. Untuk penerima Kartu Prakerja, pemindahan kepesertaan tidak berlaku. Hubungi tim kami untuk pengaturan lebih lanjut.

Segala pemberitahuan mengenai informasi dan perubahan kelas akan disampaikan langsung oleh sistem kami melalui email, harap melakukan pengecekan email secara berkala.

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Rp 18.700.000 / per pax

Jumat, 10 Juli 2020, 3 PM WIB

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