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(Introduction) Learn How to Design Your Life Story for Professionals

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Bahasa Pengantar: Indonesia & Inggris
  • Pengajar:

    Stephanie Wijanarko, (Vooya Coach & Experiential Learning Expert), Muhammad Afif (Vooya Coach & Experiential Learning Expert)

  • Tanggal dimulai:

    Sabtu, 1 Februari 2020
    02.00 PM - 04.00 PM WIB

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  • Alamat:

    Vooya: Passion for Borders
    Darmawangsa Square 1st Floor Unit 68, Jl. Darmawangsa VI & IX, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12160, Indonesia

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Tentang Workshop

Hi Learners! Have you ever thought of fulfilling your life goal? Yet, do you really know what your goal is in life?

Have you ever been worried that you may only live as time goes by? What matters most to you? And how do you want your life to be remembered at your obituary?

“Design Your Life Story” is a short course conducted by Vooya Coach to give you guidance to narrate and design your life so that you can achieve the most of you. The course will be conducted using Life Story Framework (LSF). The short course will ensure you can complete your own story by the end of the course.

In a more practical way, your well-designed life story will help you:
– Achieve your goals with detailed planning
– Write personal statement or cover letter for you to apply for a job, scholarship, or a company pitch.

Who is it for?
This short course is critical for professionals who would like to realize their goals and dream in life by having concrete detailed plan and story. Professionals will use this to develop his/her company pitch, plan his/her future career goal or shift to new appropriate professions based on his/her true passion.

So what are you waiting for? Register yourself now and you will know how to design you life story!

*Note: The LSF Kit will not be given to the participants of “(Introduction) Learn How to Design Your Life Story for Professionals” workshop. It will only be available for the short course’s participants.

Poin Materi Belajar

In this workshop, you will be introduced to Life Story Framework so that you will be familiar to the concept of narrating your own life story.

1. Your Present
- Dive into yourself by assessing your interests, passions, skills, and personalities.
- Know what matters most to you using Obituary Exercise

2. Your Past
- Find your genuine motivation in life using Lifeline Exercise

3. Your Future
- Plan your vision using Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) Test, Odyssey Planning, and Business Model You

4. Narrate Your Life Story
- Find your hidden archetype by assessing your Heroes vs. Villain Story

5. Putting it Altogether
- Know and align your Ikigai (intersection between what you love, what the world needs, what you can be paid for, and what you are good at)

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Jumat, 31 Januari 2020, 2 PM WIB

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Tentang Pengajar

  • Stephanie Wijanarko, (Vooya Coach & Experiential Learning Expert)
    Stephanie Wijanarko, (Vooya Coach & Experiential Learning Expert)

    Stephanie is the Co-Founder and Program Director of Vooya – Passion without Borders. Stephanie has many international exposures from studying in Seattle, University of Southern California in Los Angeles to HEC Paris. She is deeply interested and committed to improving education through experiential learning. 

    As the Program Director, she is responsible to create multi-disciplinary (STEM, Social Science, Visual and Performing Arts, and Physical and Personal Education) experiential learning for study tours as well as passion exploration from coaching services.

  • Muhammad Afif (Vooya Coach & Experiential Learning Expert)
    Muhammad Afif (Vooya Coach & Experiential Learning Expert)

    Afif is a content specialist at Vooya. His passion for creative writing and content making has developed since he was studying in English Department of Universitas Padjadjaran. While in college, he used to be an active member in a creative project where he was taking part as a scriptwriter and content creator, managing his project’s online media platform including Instagram and YouTube.

    Afif is the project leader in managing ‘Design Your Life Story’ course and workshop.

Harga termasuk:

- Design Your Life Story Arc Sheets
- 1 session of Design Your Life Story Workshop (3-hour)
- Discount voucher to [Full Course] Design Your Life Story Workshop


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Things that matter to you. (This is a pre-assignment intended to be vague and shouldn't be consulted to us prior to the course).

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Tanya Jawab

  • Tanya : What are the differences between "Design Your Life Story" short course and workshop?

    Jawab : Design Your Story Workshop is an introductory lesson, in which you will get some explanations about what framework used in the course and the activities in each part of the workbook. Meanwhile, the short course is the completed part of Design Your Life Story, with workbook and explanation to fill in each section of the workbook.

  • Tanya : Are there any prerequisites to join in this course?

    Jawab : There is no prerequisite to attend this course. You just need to do the pre-assignment given.

  • Tanya : Will we have a completed personal statement/essay/cover letter once we finalize this course?

    Jawab : No. This course is solely intended for you to delve inside your own self and write your own life story, which can be used to make your personal statement/essay/cover letter later. If you want a more thorough lesson to make a completed personal statement/essay/cover letter, you can contact us directly and we can arrange an additional class for it.

  • Tanya : What language will be used to deliver this course?

    Jawab : The course will be delivered in both Bahasa Indonesia and English, but the workbook will be completed fully in English.

  • Tanya : I am a mom and I am encouraged to teach the framework to my children. Do you think I would be able to transfer this knowledge to my sons/daughter?

    Jawab : Of course! The workbook comes with a detailed explanation of how to do each of the section. So, once you have the book on hand and get the explanation for it, you will be able to transfer the knowledge to your children.

  • Tanya : I am a mom who has been dedicating my life to be the best mother for my kids. However, they are already graduated now and are starting their own careers. With the absence of my kids as my center of attention, I have no idea about what I should do for my life. Will this course help me to find a new goal in my life?

    Jawab : Yes. Since this course aims to help you find your passion and potential, this course might be suitable for you.

  • Tanya : I am bored with my jobs and I really want to have a new career path. However, I have no clues on what I really want and is capable to do. Will this course help me to find my true voice?

    Jawab : Yes. Since this course aims to help you find your passion and potential, this course might be suitable for you.

  • Tanya : I currently own a new start-up business. However, there is no story behind my business and I need help to create stronger pitch to raise funds from investors.

    Jawab : Then joining this course will be beneficial for you! Since this course help you to find your true calling and authentic voice, you will be able to know what is your true motivation in doing so and know the strategy to make the most of the path you have taken.

  • Tanya : I am very good at what I am doing and planning to have my master degree. However, I am confused on how I should sell myself to be accepted in my dream University and get the scholarship aid.

    Jawab : In order to apply for a master degree, you need a very strong background on why you want to do that. This course will help you make your own life story which is unique and will be a strong selling point for scholarship essay or interview. We could also arrange a consultation session with some experts who are scholarship awardees from world-leading Universities.

  • Tanya : Bisakah saya mendapat pengembalian uang jika tiba-tiba saya berhalangan hadir?

    Jawab : Tidak.

  • Tanya : Bisakah teman saya menggantikan saya jika saya berhalangan hadir?

    Jawab : Bisa, kalau kamu peserta umum dan bukan penerima Kartu Prakerja. Untuk penerima Kartu Prakerja kamu tidak diperbolehkan mengganti kepesertaan.

Syarat & Ketentuan

Semua pembayaran tidak dapat diuangkan kembali dan tidak bisa dialihkan ke workshop lain, tapi kamu boleh memberikan tiketmu ke orang lain jika kamu peserta umum. Untuk penerima Kartu Prakerja, pemindahan kepesertaan tidak berlaku. Hubungi tim kami untuk pengaturan lebih lanjut.

Segala pemberitahuan mengenai informasi dan perubahan kelas akan disampaikan langsung oleh sistem kami melalui email, harap melakukan pengecekan email secara berkala.

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Jumat, 31 Januari 2020, 2 PM WIB

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