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Learn English Through Deep Conversation

minimal usia: 20 tahun
Level: Menengah
Bahasa Pengantar: Inggris

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Hi Learners! Who doesn’t like a deep and meaningful conversation? In a society where we put mask to cover up all our broken past, traumas or secrets, we tend to become very insecure to people around us. Do you remember when we’re kids? When things were easy, you could be friends with many people, but isn’t it like finding a needle in a stack of hay?

We believe that language learning also should not be done through rigorous grammar study, especially for adults like us. We’ve had enough with grammar drills, we learned grammars since we’re young. The only thing that we need today is the opportunity to practice what we’ve learned. If you want to learn English and you enjoy meeting new friends and to learn about their stories. I think this course will be very beneficial for you.

At the end of the session, we’ll discuss the grammar errors that we make, but be very sure that in this course:

– There will be no judgement
– We’ll learn to love the differences between us
– Grammar is the least importance in our conversation ( Though we’ll fix it )

Here are several possible activities that we can do:

– Debate
– Ultra deep conversation Etc

We’ll learn to speak English with confidence, and to confidently speak out the problems in our life. Because we believe that there’s healing when we open up to other people.

The facilitator will be a language teacher and a behaviour consultant. He has taught languages for years from Korean to English, from Indonesian to Chinese, and he also has consulted hundreds of people from HR to couples’s conflict resolution, from high school student’s drama to school’s majoring. You’ll experience something that you’ve never experienced before in your life. I mean, who doesn’t love stories? Come and join us!

Poin Materi Belajar

- English Conversation
- Knowledge about Behaviour

Rp 200.000

Senin, 16 Desember 2019, 11 PM WIB

Pendaftaran tutup, beritahu saya jadwal berikutnya!

Tentang Pengajar

  • William Lukman Djaja
    William Lukman Djaja, (Polyglot & Behaviour Consultant at Vous Institute)

    William Lukman Djaja is a polyglot and a behavior consultant currently working at Vous Institute. He speaks five languages, Bahasa, English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and have experience of learning other languages like German, French, Esperanto, Spanish, Italian, Russian and currently learning Hebrew. His language learning journey was actually not good as he failed many times in Chinese and English exams when he was in school. However, 7 years ago he found a way that is personal and proven to be very helpful for him to learn languages. He used to teach 1000+ people online both Indonesian and foreigners.

    He's also a behavior consultant and has consulted hundreds of people ranging from couple's conflict resolution, school's majoring, employee resolution, organization restructuring, and how to maximize people to become a better version of themselves

Harga termasuk:

- Dinner


Bentuk Sertifikat: Cetak

Yang perlu disiapkan

- A story
- A hungry stomach

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Tanya Jawab

  • Tanya: Bisakah saya mendapat pengembalian uang jika tiba-tiba saya berhalangan hadir?

    Jawab: Tidak.

  • Tanya: Bisakah teman saya menggantikan saya jika saya berhalangan hadir?

    Jawab: Bisa, kalau kamu peserta umum dan bukan penerima Kartu Prakerja. Untuk penerima Kartu Prakerja kamu tidak diperbolehkan mengganti kepesertaan.

Syarat & Ketentuan

Semua pembayaran tidak dapat diuangkan kembali dan tidak bisa dialihkan ke workshop lain, tapi kamu boleh memberikan tiketmu ke orang lain jika kamu peserta umum. Untuk penerima Kartu Prakerja, pemindahan kepesertaan tidak berlaku. Hubungi tim kami untuk pengaturan lebih lanjut.

Segala pemberitahuan mengenai informasi dan perubahan kelas akan disampaikan langsung oleh sistem kami melalui email, harap melakukan pengecekan email secara berkala.

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Rp 200.000

Senin, 16 Desember 2019, 11 PM WIB

Pendaftaran tutup, beritahu saya jadwal berikutnya!


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